Trick-Or-Treating Safety Advice

Just some hints and tips for a safe evenings trick or treating!

Just a few hints and tips to make sure that no matter how old you may be you have a safe and enjoyable trick or treat this evening
  • Stay in groups of three or more
  • Cross at sidewalks
  • Use a sidewalk
  • Carry a flashlight and batteries and a cell phone, if you have one
  • Try to keep one hand free at all times (for holding handrails or catching yourself if you trip)
  • Trick-or-treat at homes that are well-lit
  • Don’t enter homes or apartments; the front door is as far as you need to go
  • Don’t use short-cuts through alleys, yards or parks
  • Walk, don’t run. Unseen objects on lawns or uneven terrain are tripping hazards
  • Don’t eat any treats until you’ve inspected them
Enjoy the evening!