• May 10, 2017

    Zero Hours but not Zero Holiday Pay

    Half of people on zero hours contracts wrongly believe that they’re not entitled to paid holiday, says Citizens Advice. New research from Citizens A...
  • March 31, 2017

    Depression tops ill health table

    More than 300 million people around the world are now living with depression. The latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that mo...
  • March 16, 2017

    When will your thermostat go down?

    As tempertatures start to rise when will you turn down the thermostat on your central heating? New research shows that the hardy people of Yorkshire h...
  • March 15, 2017

    Are you getting healthier

    New figures from the ONS in worker absence from work suggest that workers are getting healthier. Last year the average UK worker was absent from work ...
  • March 13, 2017

    Rail Strike today, commute by road inste...

    Anyone affected by the strike action at Arriva Northern and Mersey train services today may feel tempted to forget the problems with commuting train a...

My Fair Lady a story of self improvement against the odds

We preview My Fair Lady at The Grand Theatre in York and discover a show with as much history of overcoming the odds as the heroine Eliza Doolittle achieves.

Entering a chocoholics paradise at Hotel Chocolat

Committed chocaholics we get both entertained and educated during a lock-in at Hotel Chocolat

Trick-Or-Treating Safety Advice

Just some hints and tips for a safe evenings trick or treating!


For many people, mention of the word cabaret conjures up an image of Liza Minnelli in the 1972 film, a performance, which demonstrated that she had as much talent as…

It’s good to talk at any age

Michael Millward predicts that youngsters will appreciate the value of a bit of chit chat after seeing the new Chit Chat Chalk Show at York Theatre Royal.

Explore the world of antiques

Michael Millward looks ahead to the Northern Antique Dealers Fair in Harrogate and compiles quite a list of covetable delights.

Ugly Duckling captures the attention of two football mad boys

We sent Aaron 9 and Ryan 10, together with Mum Louise, to see whether Ugly Duckling at York Theatre Royal could keep two football mad lads entertained.

Reconnecting with the past?

Michael Millward Looks forward to a play at Slung Low Leeds about reconnecting with the past and asks whether this is a good idea or if the past should remain a place we should not visit?

The Million Dollar Quartet:

The Million Dollar Quartet is a great musical experience that also offers lessons in career development and identifying when it is time to move on to the next stage

An Evening with Pam Ayres

We enjoyed a fantastic ‘Evening with Pam Ayres’ at York Theatre Royal on the first night of the comedic poets’ 2017 autumn tour.